Morrissey Mullen Legacy

......was always the warm welcome I got from Dick (Morrissey) whenever I saw him, so I thought this would be a nice way to introduce you to this site, and this new/old band. For years we've been asked individuley 'when are you going to get Morrissey Mullen back together? I loved that band'. Simply put, after Dick passed away that was the end. We did a gig down in Deal shortly before we passed, it was Dick's idea, he wanted to play with Jim and the band one last time. It was a very emotional gig, but he played brilliantly and was the usual funny, modest, wonderful man, that just happened to be one of the best Tenor players in the world, and we miss him very much.

So why did we get together? I was working with Neal Wilkinson (MM drummer), we always used to talk about the old days at the Half Moon, Bull & Gate, Cricketers etc and the fact you no longer hear people talk about Dick Morrissey, or Pete Jacobson (MM Keyboard player), or the style of music MM played.  During a long drive from a gig up north back to London we thought, why not get the surviving band members together and play again, just for fun, to remind people of the legacy of Jim and Dick, and all the musicians that went through the MM school of music, there was many of us!

Myself and Neal then got together with Jim and had a chat over coffee and and old times and decided it'd be fun. The gig was at the 606 club and was great, the club was full, the grooves we're strong and we enjoyed each others company. So hear we are, The Morrissey Mullen Legacy.

See you at a gig. "we're on......How do we sound"

Heeeeeeey T......